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Michelle (Hatch Lane, HARMONDSWORTH)

Michelle (Hatch Lane,  HARMONDSWORTH)
Passing my driving test was a significant milestone for me and I really couldn´t have done it without Michael´s instruction and advice.

I have tried 3 other instructors during my time learning and Michael´s approach to teaching has surpassed that of any other. He is PATIENT, conscientious and always looks to improve his methods so he can best prepare his pupils for their test. Michael uses extremely useful visuals and documents to aid students whether it be for carrying out manoeuvres, tackling busy junctions or taking a simple right turn. Learning with michael has enabled me to anticipate well, understand the vehicle and become confident on the road at my own pace. Most importantly it has taught me to drive SAFELY for myself and those around me.

Asides all of these things Michael is down to earth and a pleasure to drive with. If you are looking to take up driving this end of London you should 100% start with Michael

Quality driving lessons with a quality instructor with an extremely High Pass Rate
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Mob 07886 821 083
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