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I PASSED, with only 1 minor error and could not recommend Michael enough. All of his feedback is true and absolutely correct. Before I met Michael I had done many hours and spent lots of money with a previous instructor that just didn´t give the intense lessons that I wanted or more importantly really needed. So I had a look online and found Michael. I learnt so much from Michael in such a short time it was incredible. He has a great ability to recognise and help you to improve your weaknesses. He gives so much praise and really brings out the best in you. I had zero confidence at the start but that soon changed and within a few lessons I really began to enjoy my lessons as my confidence grew. I had a great fear of any speeds above 40 and he helped me over come this. I cannot thank him enough for time and dedication he spent teaching me!

I will undoubtedly continue to recommend Learn With Michael for all the services which he provides.

Quality driving lessons with a quality instructor with an extremely High Pass Rate
Learn with Michael
Mob 07886 821 083
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