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Anna (Saint Marys Road, Hayes)

Anna   (Saint Marys Road, Hayes)
"Thanks to Michael I passed! Without him I don´t think I could ever have done it.

Michael makes so much sense with what he teaches and has a way of making it so easy to understand. He knows the rules of the road so well and has a way of knowing what his pupil is thinking without the pupil needing to say.

I never felt uncomfortable in the car with Michael, we got on great and I felt that I could discuss with him any of my concerns or areas that I felt I needed more time on. His rates are competitive and you feel each lesson you´ve learnt something new and with time your confidence on the road grows more and more.

I am so grateful for the time, effort and energy Michael put in to make me a driver. He goes that extra mile for his pupil."

Quality driving lessons with a quality instructor with an extremely High Pass Rate
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Mob 07886 821 083
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